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(Cat's a Bear performing as Tito)
Musical Sanctuary:  Jazz returns to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.  Can we get an amen?
This weekend, jazz will ring out in the new sanctuary with the dense and propulsive contemporary jazz of Tito.

(Cat's a Bear performing as Tito)
Exploring Jazz with Tito
Tito is an original, contemporary jazz band whose members have more than 50 years of combined professional musicianship.  According to Joe Dorris, Tito's drummer and percussionist, the band has accomplished what they originally envisioned by playing their own style of music, a style that can't be placed in any other genre.

(Cat's a Bear performing as Tito)
Tito:  They Really ARE That Good
It's some of the best 90s jazz you'll hear anywhere done by a band called Tito which is probably the most exciting addition to Erie's music scene in recent memory. 

Cat's a Bear:  1986
A straight ahead jazz trio, this tape features the compositions of the guitarist, Frank Singer.  His style compares favorably to old George Benson for a sense of clarity and tone, while his clever virtuosity reflects that of Full House-era Larry Coryell. 


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